Matt Hughes vs. Matt Serra on May 23rd?

Matt Hughes and Matt Serra don’t like each other. The two former UFC welterweight champions have been on a collision course for months and months. This much we all know.

The big question has been, when will they finally get to meet in the Octagon. Well, looks like we’re getting pretty close to an answer. At least according to Hughes.

In a blog entry on his site on Friday night, Hughes said that it looks like a date has finally been hammered out to put the two in the cage:

Just got a call from Joe Silva and as of right now it looks like I’ll be fighting Matt Serra in Vegas on May 23rd. This is not 100% confirmed, but I believe it is going to be on this date.

As this obviously isn’t a case of signed fight contracts, or anything like that, there’s still a lot of time before May for plans to change… but it looks like fans can at least pencil in a target date for the “Battle fo the Matts.”