Matt Hughes Rocks the Vote!

Politics isn’t a subject that you hear to many mixed martial arts fighters talking about… at least in a public forum. Former UFC welterweight champ Matt Hughes is one notable exception to that rule.

In his latest blog entry on Friday, Hughes spent a good portion of his time talking about the differences, as he sees them, between Barack Obama and John McCain.

Considering that McCain at one time nearly brought the sport of MMA to its knees, many fans will probably be surprised to know that Hughes asserts that the McCain/Palin ticket shares his views more closely than the Obama/Bieden ticket.

Citing his views on abortion, gay marriage, gun laws, the war in Iraq, taxes, and other topics, Hughes makes his case for why he is more in tune to McCain/Palin.

In the end, Hughes doesn’t necessarily rail on fans to jump to his side, saying, “I can look past the fact that McCain was against my sport. I’m not taking that personally, I’m doing what I think is best for my kids and my country.

“So, I hope people go out and use their best judgment and not look at who they can relate to the most, but who is going to do the best job out there.”