Matt Hughes Off Ventilator and Showing Small Signs of Improvement

July 4, 2017

Matt Hughes has been in a Springfield, Ill., hospital since he was airlifted there on June 16 from the scene of a tragic accident. The pickup truck that Hughes was driving collided with a moving train. As of Tuesday, Hughes was still improving, albeit slowly.

Hughes’ family is now working with an organization called Triumph Over Tragedy, of which Hughes is a sitting board member. It is an organization that “supports the family unit through biblical principles from the initial impact of a tragedy or illness to the ongoing circumstances faced in the years to come.”

It’s been a rough road for the family, particularly in dealing with the onslaught of media and fans that want constant updates on the UFC Hall of Famer’s condition, especially when his improvements appear to be small and incremental.

“Please understand that Matt was the only public figure in our family. The rest of us are just regular everyday small town folks. We have never had to deal with the media and all the added stress that comes with it. We are all very private people and we are doing our best to keep you all informed; but our focus right now is Matt and his recovery. No news is good news!” Hughes’ sister, Beth Ulrici, wrote on Facebook on Tuesday, which is Independence Day in the United States.

There had been some optimistic reports floated about on Monday. Everyone is hoping for the best for Hughes’ recovery, and while the news is positive, the recent reports may have been a bit overly optimistic according to Hughes’ sister.

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“Matt is off the ventilator and showing some small signs of improvement. There are some stories and comments out there that are exaggerated. Please don’t believe everything you hear or read,” she continued.

“This is going to be a long journey for his recovery. Please continue to keep Matt in your prayers. He is strong, he has heart, and he will not give up! We are faithful in the fact that he will recover with God’s Grace and Mercy! We as a family ask everyone to keep praying for Matt!”

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