Matt Grice Out of Hospital and Undergoing Physical Therapy, Awaits More Major Surgery

Matt Grice

(Courtesy of MMA Fighting)

Injured UFC featherweight Matt Grice is out of the hospital and taking the first steps in what is sure to be a lengthy road to recovery following a recent auto accident.

Grice was admitted to the Oklahoma University Medical Center in critical condition in early September following a car accident in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma.

In addition to his mixed martial arts career, Grice is also an Oklahoma City police officer. The accident occurred while he was off duty and sitting at a red light on Sept. 8, when another car slammed into the back of his vehicle.

He was rushed to the medical center where he underwent brain surgery that night.

Now, Grice is home and undergoing physical therapy, as he prepares for another surgery on Dec. 13.

“I was in the hospital almost a month and a half, two months,” Grice said on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “I do my outpatient rehab, so I do my rehab during the day, and then at night now I can come home to my family. I’m a homebody anyway, so it felt really good to see my kids and my wife and everything.”

It’s been a miraculous turn of events as the doctor’s had to remove a large piece of Grice’s skull in the initial operation when the accident occurred. Doctors intend to replace that portion of his skull during the December operation.

“They had to take this part of my skull out. They’re supposed to put the rest of my skull back in in December,” said Grice. “I’m looking forward to that. I’m hoping that when my skull gets back in I should improve some; keep getting better until 100 percent.”

It’s still a long road back for Grice, but the Oklahoma City PD has a job waiting for him once he’s able to return to work. And, remarkably, he still hasn’t ruled out a possible return to fighting.

“It depends on putting the skull back in and how it does,” Grice said. “I’m only two months into this deal and it’s surprising how along I am already, so they’re not ruling anything out.

“I’d love to fight again. That’s what I do.”

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(Photo courtesy of MMA Fighting)

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