Matt Grice Fight Blog for UFC on Versus 4 – ‘Balancing Family and Two Jobs’

UFC featherweight Matt Grice blogs exclusively for as he prepares for his return to the Octagon on June 26 against Ricardo Lamas. Each week, Matt will give insights into his camp as he gets ready to fight in Pittsburgh at UFC on Versus 4.

Matt Grice

This is the second edition of Matt Grice’s Fight blog.

Balancing Family and Two Jobs

I am 3 weeks out from my fight and feeling great! Everything in this training camp is coming together nicely and I can’t wait to put it into action. June is going to be one of the busiest months in a long time for MMA with 3 UFC events in the given month and 2 of them being free!

I am very lucky to have a family that supports me in what I do. Both of my jobs (police officer-fighter) require me to spend a lot of time away from home. I have an amazing wife who takes care of my 2 beautiful little girls so I can spend the time in the gym that I need to.

She is like superwoman she works part time goes to school full time and then cooks me dinner and takes care of our girls. I am not sure which one of us has the busier schedule. My oldest daughter is 4 and she is now starting to understand what I do.

She loves going to the gym and cheering me on while I workout it is pretty comical to say the least. Just the other day she came walking up to me with my gloves and mitts and said lets pow daddy she then proceeded to beat me up.

The hard part is when my little girl asks daddy can you just stay home and not work\workout tonight but one day she will fully understand that I am doing this for my family so I can give them the things they deserve. My youngest is almost 1 so she doesn’t really understand all that’s going on but definitely gets a kick out of watching her big sister beat up on daddy.

Luckily I have an awesome mother who also helps out with watching our girls while my wife and I are doing work, school, and training.

I will be going to watch the 2011 wrestling world team trials this weekend to cheer on some fellow University of Oklahoma alumni and friends. Good luck to Teyon Ware, Sam Hazewinkle, and Tyler Caldwell who will all be competing this weekend.

I have been working out with Tyler quite a bit getting ready for this fight and the kid is a beast. Sammie Henson has been putting us through some killer wrestling workouts. Teyon and Sam both won the US nationals this year and hopefully they can both bring home the gold this weekend.

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