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Week four’s episode started off showing the humorous side of J

Week four’s episode started off showing the humorous side of
J.T. (Jesse Taylor). Outside of fighting, J.T. is a pretty amusing guy. There
wasn’t any funny editing or anything to make him any different. You are seeing
the real J.T. Money and I am sure you will see much more of his crazy antics
around the house. This show could almost be called the J.T. Money show. I can’t
wait to see some of the things he did in the house that I missed.


“If you ever beat me, I will retire.” This is what you all
heard Dante say to Matt Riddle. I think Dante liked to mess with Riddle for
fun, but from the beginning you couldn’t help but think that it would
eventually escalate into something more serious.


Dante, I am sure, is confident that he can beat anyone in
the house and that he will win the show, but so is everyone else. I don’t think
he was actually getting into Riddle’s head as much as he thought he was. I
think most of the talk was done out of boredom and fun rather than actually
wanting to fight one another. We’ll see how this all pans out in future


If I remember correctly, the idea of Dante fighting Pat
Schultz was never taken into consideration on our side. We were trying to take
out their guys one at a time. I don’t really remember a lot of talk about who
is the toughest or weakest fighter. It was all about match-ups.


Pat was not by any means one of their weaker guys. He has a
suspect ground game, but every fight starts on the feet and that is where he is
dangerous. We decided that Tim would match-up well against Riddle because of
Riddle’s lack of experience and inferior ground game. Riddle has a very good
ground game and is a solid wrestler, but Tim is a solid black belt with much
experience on the ground. So it made sense to have Tim take him out. That way
we wouldn’t end up getting a bad match-up against Riddle.


Next they showed J.T. and his fungus. Everybody picked on
J.T. because he had ringworm and funky feet. It was all in good fun, but you
have to take care of that stuff. It isn’t that hard. Just shower and use the
Tinactin (or whatever cream you prefer). We had a ton of Tinactin all over the
bathroom. Just pick it up, spray it, and go on with your day. Easy enough.


I think people’s perception of Riddle is a little messed up.
I actually have respect for his attitude. He knew coming in that he was a huge
underdog. He hardly had any experience and didn’t train with any pro fighters
or anything. So he just came in with a positive attitude and fought the best he
could and had a good time doing it.


Tim said something about everything being “neato mosquito”
for Riddle. That is just how Tim talks. He always has a unique way of saying
things, but I don’t think most people realized how tough Riddle was going to
be. I think Tim may have even underestimated Riddle a little bit. I could be
wrong, but that is the perception that I got.


At the weigh-ins, Tim talking trash to Riddle may have been
an attempt to intimidate Riddle. I think this was the first time Riddle may
have actually realized what he was getting into and showed signs of weakness.
He is a warrior, but Tim was showing that he was 100% ready and was very
confident, whereas I think Riddle had some doubts.


Riddle’s biggest strength, in my opinion, is that he didn’t
have anything to lose. The worse that could possibly happen is that he loses,
doesn’t get invited to UFC and goes back home and lives with his mom. Not that
bad if you ask me.


Tim has a lot of people watching. He has like five or six
gyms under his name; he has a family to support, a house, etc. Like he said,
this was do or die for him. He has had this dream for a long time and if he
loses to a guy with one pro fight, it is not good for him. I didn’t realize at
the time that this was do or die for Tim. I feel for him, it must be a tough


Finally, on to the fight, and what a fight it was. Both guys
looked a little flat in my opinion, but it is easy for that to happen
considering the circumstances. I was personally impressed by Tim’s leg kicks
and his butterfly guard. I think he could have worked more leg kicks on the
feet, but it is always easy to say from the sidelines. Riddle fought hard and
fought tough.


The fight was back and forth the whole time. I gave the
first round to Riddle, but most judges would probably give it to Tim because he
ended up on top at the end. Riddle impressed me with his will to win and
toughness. Tim landed some good shots and Riddle just ate them and kept
fighting. When the first round ended and Riddle got up off the mat with blood
running down his face, he looked over at all of us and had a big smile on his
face. This was the first time I really had respect for Riddle. After a round
like that and barely making it out of the round, he is still having fun and
enjoying his time in the cage. I will remember that smile forever. I thought it
was awesome.


In the second round Riddle began to show signs of gassing
and it looked to me like he was getting desperate. This is where Tim’s
experience shined I think. He kept fighting on and eventually got the armbar


Props to both guys for putting it all on the line and
fighting as hard as they did. Both guys had a good chance of winning that
fight, but Tim was the better man that day. I wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch


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