by Matt Brown – special to MMAWeekly.com
Each week, Ultimate Fighter season 7 fighter, Matt Brown, will give fans on MMAWeekly.com an inside look at what was happening on the latest episode shown on Spike TV. This week Matt gives a synopsis of what happened in the first two episodes of the show.

Being that I didn’t make a blog for episode 1, I am doing episode 1 and 2 in one. Plus, it was all one day for me any how, and what a long day it was. It felt like a gladiator arena in there with 32 fighters waling around a gym all day waiting for their fight to be called. Guys fighting later were waiting around trying to relax while their comrades were all beating each other up. A lot of emotions were stirring all day as some dreams were crushed and others were one step closer.

As for me, I watched my good friend Prince get beat by Mike Dolce and my other good friend Luke Zachrich beat Pat Schultz. So before I even fought I already had high and low emotions from watching my friends fight. When I started getting warmed up I was exhausted. I was hitting mitts lightly with Juanito and was tired from only about 2 minutes of light mitt work!

When it was time to fight though I just blocked everything out and did the best I could. It turned out to be enough. When I heard the signal that there was :10 seconds left I spent every last breath in my body to finish that fight. Had it went to a second round I would have been dead man walking, but obviously my opponent, Josh Hall, wouldn’t have been too well off either. I trained hard to get ready for the show and it showed. My cardio is number one always for me.

I didn’t watch most of the fights that day except guys that I knew which included my two teammates fights, Dante Rivera’s fight, the Riddle/Simmler fight, and I remember catching Cale’s fight because it was the last one of the day. I wasn’t surprised by the outcome of Dante’s fight. I had seen him fight a few times before and knew what he was about.

Cale’s fight was really good and I didn’t expect him to win but he pulled out a victory due to his heart, composure, athleticism, and will to win. The Riddle/Simmler fight was obviously very brutal. I had heard of Simmler before and knew about his grappling credentials and had spoken with him during the tryout process. I was rooting for him and wanted to see him fight and felt really bad for him after the fight. I believe he is a warrior though and he will be back.

After a long day of fights and up and down emotions I was extremely relieved to know that I was going to the house finally but realized that this was only the beginning. There was still a lot of work to be done and all this meant nothing now. It was time for the real wars now. There was no time for enjoying victory. I may have to fight again soon.

I agree with Dana that there were no pussies or posers in that gym that day. Everyone came to fight. Some get better match-ups than others. Some came on weight better than others. Some just fought better that day than their opponent.

I am proud to be a part of the first 16 that had to fight into the house and I give props to every one of my comrades, winner or loser, that fought like a warrior that day and put it all on the line to fulfill their dreams. It was not an easy thing to do. Everybody made weight, everyone fought as hard as they could and everyone was respectful. At the end of the day everyone their could have been a contender to be the next Ultimate Fighter, but their can only be one. Stay tuned and keep checking out my blog every week.