by Matt Brown for MMAWeekly.com

In this episode we start off seeing Jesse’s crazy eating habits

In this
episode we start off seeing Jesse’s crazy eating habits. Jesse was an amusing
character from beginning to end on the show. He is a great person and a great
fighter and even though he doesn’t come across as the most intelligent guy, he
actually is a lot smarter than people give him credit for.


He walked
around at 185 pounds or so, so all the food he was eating was fine in the sense
that it wasn’t going to affect his ability to make weight, but obviously those
foods are not good for any professional athlete for nutritional purposes,
energy levels and recovery. He never had any problems making it through the
toughest practices though, so I don’t criticize him for his eating. 


fight shown is Dante (Rivera) vs. Jesse (Taylor).
This was the first time I saw this
fight because I was warming up while they were fighting. I really expected
Jesse to try and stand with Dante and I thought he would get subbed if it went
to the ground. I watched the first 30 seconds or so of the fight, watched Jesse
take Dante down, and walked back to my dressing room assuming the fight
probably wouldn’t last long from their. I was very wrong. Jesse controlled the
fight well from beginning to end and pulled out a fairly easy decision. Jesse
does a really good job of staying active on top and controlling a fight. His
wrestling is really good and he never gets tired. Good formula for a lot of


is my fight with Amir.
I have been thinking for weeks about what I was going to write here in
my blog about this fight and never came up with anything. About all I can say
is that Amir is very tough and he game planned well against me. I didn’t expect
him to be able to handle my plumb clinch as well as he did, I didn’t expect him
to take me down and I didn’t expect him to circle away as much as he did. He
wouldn’t let me plant my feet to get off solid shots. When I came out in the
second round, I was able to get him backing up to the cage and plant my feet a
little bit, but not enough to knock him out. Granted, he also has a very tough
chin and solid defense so Amir definitely deserves all of the credit for the
victory. There isn’t a whole lot else that I have to say about this fight. If
you have any questions, hit me up on myspace or something
and I will answer them as soon as I can. 


I can’t
give out any information as to when I will be fighting again, but expect to see
me around and expect good fights every time I am around. I am not slowing down,
I am not taking time off, and I am not backing down from any fight. Champions
are not men who have never been knocked down. Champions are not men who cannot
be beat. Champions are not men that have never lost. Champions are men who get
back up, even when they can’t…


I will
get back up!


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