by Matt Brown for MMAWeekly.com

TUF Blog Episode 7

At this point of the filming, I was finally able to start training
again. My foot was still hurt from the Jeremy May fight, but I knew that my
next fight would be soon so I needed to be working. The great thing about the
second fight is that you have a better idea of when you will be fighting so you
can rest and prepare a little better.


I remember the Klein-Dollaway fight really well. A lot of the fights I
barely remember, but this one really stuck out in my mind for some reason.
First off, I don’t think that C.B. was the best match up for Nick Klein. I feel
like Klein sort of got stuck with C.B. Not saying that Klein didn’t have a chance
or that I didn’t believe in him, but I think he would have matched up better
against other fighters on Rampage’s team and other fighters on our team would
have matched up better against C.B.


Klein, as you all saw, has some very slick jiu-jitsu and was almost able
to catch C.B., but C.B. was just too strong and controlled the fight very well.
Honestly, I don’t ever remember hearing anybody saying that they wanted to
fight C.B., so I give Nick Klein all the props in the world for stepping up and
fighting like a true warrior.


The fight was a great fight, very technical. I was standing behind Dana
when I heard him say, “This is the most technical fight I have ever seen on TUF.”


I couldn’t agree more. I think a lot of guys on previous shows held
back. It is their first exposure to the spotlight, it is an extremely high
pressure situation, and it is nothing like any other fight you have been in
before (no crowd, Dana sitting ringside, fighting at the same place you train,
etc.). This year’s fighters didn’t hold back though. With the exception of a
few fights, you see everyone this year fighting for their life. Nick Klein and
C.B. Dollaway really came through and fought as hard as they could. I give them
both props for showing their will to win.


As for all the stuff that happened on the side (Rampage getting
net-gunned, Cale talking trash, Pat apologizing to Forrest, etc.), I don’t even
really remember a lot of this stuff happening. I guess I kept to myself more
than I thought.


I was there when Forrest got his hair cut and I thought that was pretty
funny. I never knew that Forrest actually went through with netting Rampage. And
I thought Cale was talking trash to Pat, not C.B. So I don’t really have a lot
to say about all that stuff. If you have any questions about it I will answer
the best I can, just send me a myspace message.


When it came time for semi-final match-ups, I was thinking they were
going to match me up with Kramer, Cale, or Amir. I told them right off the bat
that I would prefer not to fight Amir. In my mind, I just didn’t want to be the
one to have to knock Amir out of the tournament. Plus, we were roommates. I
don’t want to sleep next to the guy I am fighting.


It was pretty obvious once I was talking to Dana, Forrest and Rampage in
the conference room that they wanted me to fight Amir. I told them it would be
a fun fight, but I would prefer someone else. I kept telling them I would fight
anyone, but they were adamant that I choose. That is not something I would ever
want to go through again. This part of the show was the worst part of the whole
show for me. I just wanted to fight because there is a guy in front of me, not
because I picked him to fight me.


Anyway, Amir and I talked for a few minutes after they announced the
fight and we pretty much decided that we just wouldn’t talk or hang out for the
next few days. Amir even told me that he would sleep in another room if I
wanted him to.


At the time, I didn’t know that C.B. and Cale were having words in the
house, so I was wondering why they made this match-up. I understand now, but at
the time I figured they were just trying to get C.B. into the finals by giving
him favorable match-ups. I figured maybe Rampage had some say in it and got
C.B. the most favorable match-up possible, which in my opinion was Cale.


I knew Tim would want to fight Kramer; he had been talking about it
since we got to the house because Tim was friends with “Mississippi,” Jeremiah
Riggs (the guy that Kramer beat to get in the house). Dante vs. Jesse was a
very interesting match-up to me. I trained with both of them on Team Forrest
and figured this fight was a toss up. That, in my opinion, was a very even


Next week you get to see me and Amir throw down in what many people said
was the most exciting fight of the season! So make sure you watch! As always, I
will be watching it at Buffalo Wild Wings on The Ohio State University campus.
Feel free to drop by and enjoy the show!


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