by Matt Brown for MMAWeekly.com

TUF Blog Episode 7

This week’s episode continues
on showing more fights, less house drama and less talk. I love it. That’s what
this show should be all about!


First up is Amir vs. Gerald.
No surprise that Gerald picked Amir. Match-up wise and on paper, this fight is
all Gerald’s. No question. If this fight would have happened two weeks before
it did, before I trained with Amir, I never would have given Amir a shot in
hell. I had Gerald as one of the top guys in the house and one of the worst
match-ups for anyone. I knew about his history in the IFL and knew about some
of the top-level guys he had fought.


After working with Amir a
little bit in training and seeing his work ethic, discipline, and never say die
attitude, I knew Amir had a chance. The fight went about like I expected other
than I knew Gerald could potentially grind out a decision. Amir won the only
way I saw him winning. He stayed calm, fought valiantly, scrambled hard, and
caught Gerald with his head low.


Amir showed true warrior
spirit in this fight. The cameras can’t do justice for how proud we all were of
Amir. We were all jumping up and down and it was one of the most exciting
moments of my fight career.


Amir’s record is definitely
deceiving. He may be 0-0, but he has fought in Muay Thai, lots of grappling
tournaments, and he trains like an experienced veteran. Maybe he doesn’t have
any pro MMA fights, but he is a warrior, no question. What a lot of people don’t
realize is that a warrior is born, not created. You can have 100 pro fights and
still not be as tough of a warrior as Amir is. If it isn’t in your blood, then
there is nothing you can do to change that. It is in Amir’s blood and he proved
that with this victory.


Cale and Pat were up next. I
think they had some words beforehand, before the fight selection. Cale is the
type of guy that comes across kind of cocky, but he really is humble. He is
just very confident in himself.


Pat was a pretty easy pick
for Cale because he isn’t a wrestler or jiu-jitsu player. The kid just likes to
bang and is very athletic. Come to find out from training he is also a very
fast learner; so don’t ever count him out of a fight.


Everyone knew that Pat is a
banger and wants every fight to stay on the feet. He is from the east coast
Sityodtong with Mark DellaGrotte. So going into this fight we knew it was going
to be a barnburner and a standup slugfest.


That is exactly what it
turned out to be. I think both guys could have benefited from throwing smoother
shots with more combos and less telegraphed power shots, but who am I to judge?
The fight went perfect for Cale, except he got dropped once.


This turned out to be
Rampage’s reasoning behind going to a third round. He believed that Pat won the
first round because he dropped Cale. He said that Pat dropped Cale twice, but
one was definitely just Cale being off balance.


Either way, I am just glad I
am not a UFC judge. I think Cale should have finished Pat anyways in the second
when he was in Pat’s half-guard. He should have looked to pass or posture up
and throw some finishing shots. But again, who am I to judge? It is always easy
to say what they could have or should have done. It is much harder to get in a
cage and do it.


Pat’s remark to Forrest was
kind of rude I thought. I think Pat was just frustrated that he knew he was
about to lose a decision. Rampage was obviously frustrated, but who wouldn’t
be? His team was falling apart. They had a lot of guys injured, they were
losing fights, and a couple of their losses were due to very debatable


I only know Rampage a little
bit, but he doesn’t seem like the type of guy that likes being on the losing
end of a debate. I think he just likes to see fights finished and won
decisively, as does Forrest. The problem is, in combat sports, fights go to
judges and there can almost always be a debate with the judges. You just have
to fight your best and deal with the judges’ decisions. I have dealt with it
before and it is not a fun thing, but that’s the way it is.


I think the anger,
frustration, and smack-talk were all just due to Rampage and Forrest’s passion
for their teams. Both of these guys loved the guys on their teams and wanted to
see them win. When they didn’t win, they sometimes just let it out in a
negative way, but it showed the passion these two have for the fighters. I am
just honored to have been a part of it.


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