by Matt Brown for MMAWeekly.com

So I finally got my wish and get to fight Jeremy BAMF May

So I finally got my wish and get to fight Jeremy BAMF May.
Leading up to the fight everybody was making a lot of funny Chuck Norris style
jokes about me around the house and talking about how I was “a maaaan.” It made
me feel good (and still does) that I am respected like that by my fellow
fighters in the house.


At the same time, I don’t like hearing that stuff.
Complacency is one of the worst things that can happen to a fighter. So I was
just trying to focus on the fight, but some of the things the guys said were
just really funny though. I imagine they will be on some of the outtakes if you
buy the DVDs.


Seeing Jeremy drinking didn’t affect me at all. I was told
within 15 or so minutes of being home that he wasn’t really drinking. It just
told me that he was not confident in his skills and was trying to come up with
ways to get in my head to affect my performance. It didn’t work.


Jeremy’s knee was hurt on one of the first days of training.
The editing kind of made it look like it happened while training for me, but he
didn’t train for me. He just rode the bike and sucked up to Rampage. I know all
this because his training partners were better friends with me that they were
with him and they told me what was up. I almost wish I never heard that stuff
because it affected my mental performance more than anything else in my


They go on to show some of my training and let you in on
some of my personal life, my past drug and alcohol problems, my close
encounters with death, and the fact that boxing/thai-boxing and MMA have made
me a new, better person. I am not going to get into all this too much here, but
if you have any questions or need some advice, feel free to hit me up on


I have been through a lot. Most, if not all of it was my
fault and I have learned a lot, but now I have a reason to live and I love this
sport and have ambitions and goals now. MMA is a great sport, as is boxing,
muay-thai, wrestling, etc., and it can help to make you a better, stronger
person regardless of your situation.


As for the fight, I truly believe this was not one of my
better performances. As a matter of fact, I would rate it as one of my worst. I
have no excuses for this, it just happened. My game plan was to pace myself,
pick my shots, and take the opportunities as they arose. I knew there would be
opportunities as the fight went along. I didn’t want to make the mistake of
pushing for an opening and leaving myself vulnerable.


Jeremy is an extremely awkward fighter with strange angles,
long reach and unorthodox timing. It threw me off a lot, but I knew from the
time that the bell rang that I just needed to keep working little-by-little and
eventually he would break, and he did.


I didn’t tell Forrest about my game plan. The one they set
for me was attack, attack, attack, catch and counter, and be technical, yet
aggressive. I liked his game plan and it was completely my fault that I didn’t
speak with him about my thoughts on the fight.


Forrest was obviously frustrated and I think he expected
more out of me, but I am sure he was happy that I found a way to win and finish
the fight big. I learned from this mistake and in the future I will always be
more open with my coaches and let them know more about my feelings on a
particular fight.


I told Jeremy after the fight “It’s all good, it’s
squashed.” Jeremy is still a d*** and still a douche bag though. I just didn’t
want any problems that could potentially affect me for my next fight, as I am
sure I will have a much tougher opponent next time. I know that I must perform
better than I did against Jeremy if I expect to win this thing.


Jeremy said, “Matt got lucky.” I only got one thing to say
about that, f*** Jeremy May. He was lucky that I didn’t fight the best I could
or he wouldn’t have even got up after the fight. In a way I kind of took it
easy on him. Not consciously, but I didn’t go after him like I have went after
many others and if I did, then that fight would have been different, and only
worse for him.


Next up was my boy Luke versus Daniel. What a fight this
was! Kramer came out on fire. I love it! Luke fought the best he could, but was
obviously overwhelmed by Kramer. Luke is a very good striker and didn’t show his
best in this fight, but the way Kramer fought, he could beat a lot of guys just
on aggression. When his boxing gets more solid, he will be a force to be
reckoned with. Not that he isn’t now, but once his boxing cleans up, he will be
very dangerous.


Their fight had one of the best first rounds I have ever
seen on The Ultimate Fighter. Props to both guys for that war. Kramer’s cardio
came through in the end and won the fight for him. Luke had his chances, but
didn’t have the energy left to finish. That’s a part of fighting that is
sometimes underestimated. You can’t expect to win without cardio. Luke usually
has great cardio, but that day it just wasn’t there. Maybe it was the
environment, maybe it was nerves or maybe it was just Kramer’s tenacity. Either
way, Kramer proved that he is a warrior and he more than deserved to be there
and at this point I couldn’t wait to see him fight again.


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