by Matt Brown for MMAWeekly.com

The events of this episode took place maybe two or so weeks into the<br /> show

The events of this episode took place maybe two or so weeks
into the show. A funny side note, the episode was entitled “Chewbacle.” I
thought that was kind of funny. Anyway, it started off with Credeur telling
Riddle he would buy him an Xbox. Riddle was obviously offended when Jeremy made
the stupid comment about him not defending the armbar and getting an Xbox.
Jeremy, at this point, was not rubbing his teammates and fellow fighters the
right way. J.T. didn’t like Jeremy at all.


I didn’t have anything against him at this point and was
actually defending him. A lot of people were talking about how Jeremy was
immature and didn’t deserve to be here, but I was neutral and believed that all
the guys were okay until they did me wrong.


Hearing Jeremy say that he would “whoop my ass so bad”
really makes me mad today. Obviously I didn’t hear about that at the time.
Next, he puts lime juice in my dip. Funny joke if you are my friend. As a
matter of fact, at the bar last night some of my friends joked around with me
and did the exact same thing! I laughed about it and got a new can, but when my
enemy does it, a man that I never even spoke to, hung out with or cared the
least bit about does it, I take it very personally.


We had already spoken about me and Jeremy fighting. He was
actually the first guy that I wanted to fight because stylistically he matches
up well with me. I mentioned it to Forrest at the first fight selection when we
chose J.T. to fight Dolce. I told Forrest I could out strike him and he is one
of the few guys that would stand with me. I said I am 100% confident that I
would beat Jeremy and Forrest said, “I am 100% confident that you will stand in
front of him and bang.”


After Forrest worked with me a little bit and evaluated my
skills, I think he was confident that I could beat Jeremy and we decided
(before the incident with tobacco) that I would fight him if Dante won. So I
was already planning on fighting him when he put the lime juice in my dip.


Enough about Jeremy.


Dante and Brandon were up to fight next. This was the worst
fight of the season by far. Dante did what he does to everyone, but just didn’t
throw that many punches. I have seen Dante fight before the show and he is
extremely aggressive and finishes his fights. I don’t know if Brandon is just
that good or if Dante was out of his element. Either way, the fight was pretty
boring and there isn’t a whole lot to say about it.


As for who won the fight, if I were a judge I would have
given it to Brandon, but I can completely understand the judges giving it to
Dante based on control. Rampage obviously thought that Brandon won and I can’t
blame him, but this isn’t the first fight that a guy won by controlling his
opponent regardless of the damage inflicted.


So next up is Jeremy and I at the fight selection. Like I
said in the confessional, I just wanted to let Jeremy know that I am coming to
fight. I will be in your face and I am not backing down. I didn’t like the guy
one bit and at this point I was not afraid to let him know.


Around the house, Jeremy was nowhere to be found for the
next couple of days. He was staying away from everyone, hiding in his room and
not messing with people like usual. It was obvious that he was nervous and I
couldn’t be happier.


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