Matt Brown Wants to Punch ‘Piece of S–t’ Snoop Dogg for Conor McGregor Comments

February 8, 2018

Hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg made plenty of friends and more than a few enemies while doing commentary this past summer for Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender series where he was paired up with Urijah Faber to call the fights.

Now the idea behind Snoop Dogg getting the gig is that he’s a casual mixed martial arts fan at best and often times offers a hilarious take on some of the action he’s watching inside the Octagon. Unfortunately, he also managed to mock a few fighters during his tenure doing commentary and then ripped UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor after he lost to Floyd Mayweather last August in a boxing match.

Snoop Dogg posted a video after the fight ended where he went on an expletive laced tirade blasting McGregor for his performance against Mayweather in his professional boxing debut.

It turns out none of that sat well with UFC welterweight contender Matt Brown, who had some harsh words for the rapper turned commentator when appearing on the Joe Rogan podcast on Wednesday.

“Snoop Dogg, that piece of s–t. I’ll call him out,” Brown said. “He called Conor, remember he called him a b–ch? That’s not cool. I don’t care. He put it out in public. He could have apologized, deleted it, whatever.

“If I go to the UFC [Performance Institute] I might just punch him if I see him there. I’m cool with that.”

Brown was obviously angered by the name calling from Snoop Dogg towards McGregor, especially after he spent months as a commentator employed by the UFC where he was interacting with athletes on a regular basis.

Brown further defended McGregor not only for his valiant performance against Mayweather where he won rounds against arguably one of the greatest boxers of all time but also managed to land more punches than former champions like Manny Pacquiao did in the same fight.

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While McGregor definitely elicits a strong reaction for virtually everything he says or does, Brown has his own opinion on the outspoken Irishman.

“That really offends me. Because Conor, people all have their opinions about him, I respect the s–t out of that guy,” Brown said about McGregor. “I love what he’s done. I love his schtick. I think he’s a true sportsman. I like he comes into the limelight for a little while and then he goes back and I think he goes back and he works his ass off. I really think he does.

“He wouldn’t be where he’s at if he didn’t. But everybody judges him by what he does out here.”

As far as his comments on Snoop Dogg, the rapper might want to duck and cover if he happens to spot Brown at any future UFC events.