Matt Brown Talks Wonderboy: ‘I Can Go 100-0 Beating a Bunch of Idiots’

For all the hype that surrounded Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson after his fight at UFC 143, one person that wasn’t jumping on the bandwagon was Ultimate Fighter veteran Matt Brown.

While Brown was impressed with Thompson’s performance, he’s not ready to anoint him the next great fighter in MMA based on one bout in the UFC.

As a matter of fact, Brown isn’t all that impressed with Thompson’s credentials as a whole. Carrying a 63-0 record between kickboxing and MMA, Thompson certainly has the wins, but Brown’s curious who those wins have been against.

“I don’t know what he’s about in MMA. It looked to me he was doing the same old karate, and the karate’s the same thing, like who did he fight in karate? I don’t know. Name me one guy, name me one guy he fought,” Brown asked when speaking with‘s Damon Martin.

“I’m not too concerned with this guy’s kickboxing. I can go 100-0 beating a bunch of idiots, but that’s not my style.”

Brown has worked in the past with some top Muay Thai champions as well including Kevin Ross among others. All that put together, Brown believes that Wonderboy’s hype will come crashing down at UFC 145.

Check out the full interview with Matt Brown just after the news broke that he was fighting Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson: