Matt Brown on Carlos Condit: ‘I Think I’m Going to Go In There and I’m Going to Walk Through Him’

January 27, 2018

Matt Brown knew exactly what kind of responses he was going to see when the UFC announced his fight with Carlos Condit at UFC on FOX 29.

The automatic assumption is that Brown and Condit were about to engage in a bloody war that could just as easily fit in the latest ‘John Wick’ sequel as it could the UFC Octagon.

Considering Brown and Condit have combined for 15 knockouts as well as 13 post fight bonuses between them in the UFC, it’s understandable how most onlookers would predict that these two welterweights were about to take years off of each other’s lives by what will unfold on April 14.

Sadly, Brown will have to disappoint those fans that are expecting him to stand in the center of the cage, bite down on his mouthpiece and just start winging punches with Condit until one of them falls over.

Instead, Brown promises he will deliver a highlight reel finish but has no plans to suffer through a ‘Fight of the Night’ because he’d rather put Condit away and go home without any new scars.

“I don’t anticipate me and Carlos having a great fight,” Brown said when talking about the matchup on the Fight Society podcast. “I think I’m going to go in there and I’m going to walk through him. I think I’m going to beat him pretty good and pretty handily. That’s what I plan on doing.

“I don’t think it’s going to be quite as exciting as people expect it to be.”

Of course Brown will prepare for the worst so he can be at his very best by the time he steps into the cage to face Condit in April.

This will be Brown’s first fight back since knocking out Condit’s teammate Diego Sanchez with a vicious elbow strike last November in a bout that nearly served as his final in the sport.

As for Condit, he came back from semi-retirement and nearly two years away to face Brown’s training partner Neil Magny but things didn’t go as smoothly for him. Condit never quite found his timing or range and Magny executed the perfect game plan to out work the former UFC interim champion over three rounds.

After it was over, many questioned if Condit was suffering from an extreme bout of ring rust or if perhaps the game had finally passed him by after sitting out for so long.

Brown can’t discount that possibility but he also credits Magny’s strategy and execution to go in there and take Condit out of his game, which allowed him to control virtually every exchange while earning the unanimous decision victory.

“I guess that fight with Neil [Magny] there was a little bit of was it Neil or was it Condit? I think Condit did not look totally not himself but Neil has a way of making people look totally not themselves,” Brown explained. “There’s a little bit of which one was it?

“To be honest, I can’t worry about it. What I’m expecting is Condit’s going to want redemption. There had to be some reason he wanted to turn around so quickly and get right back in there. He had just come off semi-retirement also. The fact that he just wanted to get right back in there makes me feel like he probably has something he wants to prove. He thinks that I’m going to be the stepping stone to be able to prove that.”

As much as Brown is confident that he will follow Magny in putting together the right game plan to dismantle Condit when they meet in April, he’s also expected the absolute best out of “The Natural Born Killer”.

Condit has consistently been one of the most dangerous matchups for anybody in the world at 170 pounds for more than a decade so Brown refuses to discount that he’s suddenly lost a step.

Instead, Brown will prepare himself for the best Condit who has ever fought and if anything less shows up on fight night, he will make him pay for it.

“I have to assume he’s going to be the best Condit that we’ve ever seen,” Brown said. “I’ve got to give him the benefit of the doubt for my own good that ring rust, [he] wasn’t sharp and this and that, I have to assume that. I have to assume he wants redemption. I have to assume he’s going to want to come in and put a whopping on me to prove that he’s back. I have to put all these things in my head like that.

“It’s just up to me to approach that in the most intelligent manner and for me to create a game plan for my own strengths and weaknesses against his game. Not really worry about whether he’s in top form or not.”

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