Matt Brown: ‘It’s Time for Diego Sanchez to Retire and I Think I’m Going to Retire Him’

September 30, 2017

Veteran welterweight contender Matt Brown shocked the world just over a week ago when he announced that his upcoming fight against Diego Sanchez on Nov. 11 would serve as the final bout of his career.

Brown has since said that decision to announce his retirement fight ahead of stepping into the Octagon was a conscious choice so that it would force him to abide by his words.

The way Brown sees it, a win against Sanchez in November might put him back into the mindset that he should keep going but by calling it his retirement fight ahead of time, he’s putting a time limit on his career.

On the most recent edition of the Fight Society podcast, Brown addressed his upcoming retirement and his desire to be done with the sport before the sport was done with him. That’s part of the reason why he’s walking away of his own choice rather than having friends, family and maybe even his promoter tell him one day down the road that he should stop competing.

When it comes to his opponent on Nov. 11, Brown is beginning to feel like it’s the opposite because Sanchez has been fending off questions about retirement for the past couple of years, especially since he’s suffered some devastating knockout losses. Brown has nothing but the utmost respect for Sanchez, but he feels like this fight should put both of them into retirement when it’s over.

“I think Diego, it’s time for him to retire and I think I’m going to retire him,” Brown said. “I think Diego should retire on the same night. I think it’d make the fight even more historical and memorable and I think it would be awesome for both of us. We’ll have a great fight to both go out on and the time definitely seems up for him I think.

“He’s had a great career. Unfortunately, he’s bounced between a lot of different weight classes, he’s fought for the title, he’s done everything he can do. I can’t imagine him really believing he’s on his way back to a title so what’s the point? I say let’s go out together, Diego and let’s go out together. Let’s go out with a bang and let’s do it together.”

Brown says he’s actually ran into Sanchez at past events and the two of them have always gotten along but that doesn’t mean they won’t put on a jaw dropping fight when they step into the Octagon together.

In a way, Brown always felt like he’d get the chance to face Sanchez because both of them are known for being among the grittiest and toughest fighters on the entire UFC roster.

Now the Ohio native will get his chance to go to battle alongside Sanchez in what he hopes will be a highlight reel ending to his career.

“Diego’s a great guy. I met him a few times and I think we’ve always looked at each, sizing each other up knowing the day’s gonna come where we’re gonna go to war,” Brown said. “I always wondered if it would ever happen cause he kept going down to 55 and 45 and all these different things. Now our paths have finally crossed and again I don’t see him going back to the title, no matter what happens in this fight, so I think we should do it together.

“It would be historical, memorable. I mean I’ve never seen two fighters retire on the same night.”

Brown can’t make any promises for Sanchez’s performance when they meet at UFC Fight Night from Norfolk, Virginia but he knows what this fight means for his career.

This may be the last time Brown ever competes and he has no plans to retire on a loss.

“I think it’s going to be fireworks and I think it’s going to be an amazing fight,” Brown said. “We’re going to go out there…we’re gonna try to knock each other’s f–king heads off.”

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