Matt Brown Headed Back Into Surgery to Repair Injured Ankle

Matt Brown is going back under the knife.

The veteran UFC welterweight contender revealed over the weekend that he was headed back into surgery to repair an injured ankle that will require eight weeks spent on crutches to prevent any further damage.

Brown later revealed when speaking to MMAWeekly that the injured ankle is on the same leg where he also tore his ACL that prevented him from fighting Carlos Condit earlier this year.

Brown already had surgery to repair the damaged ACL and he was on the road to recovery when this ankle injury was discovered.

A problematic ankle that has likely been plaguing him for the better part of three years may have played a part in the issues with his knee as his leg was likely compensating for the previous injury.

Brown says he hasn’t scheduled the surgery yet to repair his ankle but he’s  working on that right now.

The good news is Brown’s leg should come back even better than before thanks to advancements in surgery and recovery as he hopes to finally have full mobility with a repaired ankle and knee.

There’s no timeline yet on Brown’s return to action but it’s not likely the ankle will add that much more recovery time after he had the surgery on his ACL back in April. Typical recovery time for an ACL surgery ranges between 8 to 12 months.