Massive UFC Complex Under Construction in Las Vegas

July 12, 2014

While the Ultimate Fighting Championship expands its brand abroad, the company is consolidating its infrastructure stateside. The Las Vegas-based fight promotion recently acquired an expansive property in “Sin City” to serve as a headquarters for all things UFC.

Ufc LogoGrowing pains are a good thing for a business, and the UFC has experienced its fair share. Due in part to the company’s quick rise from banned to Fox Sports 1, the fight promotion acquired available properties across Las Vegas suitable that fit their needs at the time. But the Zuffa LLC-owned fight promotion has plans to consolidate all of its facilities to one location.

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“We are building a ridiculous… It’s going to be our offices. Everything we have right now is spread out throughout the city because of the way this thing grew. The land that we bought, we’re building a massive campus,” said UFC president Dana White following the UFC 175: Weidman vs. Machida post-fight press conference.  (Watch Video Here)

“Everything will be under one roof. We’ll film The Ultimate Fighter there. We will do every live feed from there,” added White. “It’s going to be crazy. We’re building a crazy gym there.”

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