Martin Kampmann is ‘Here to Kick Rick Story’s Ass and Make a Statement’

November 17, 2011

Martin Kampmann and Diego Sanchez at UFC Versus 3

Martin Kampmann pushes the action against Diego Sanchez

It’s been seven long months since Martin Kampmann stepped into the UFC Octagon, and that’s a long time for a man with a lot of pent up aggression.

His last fight out, Kampmann lost a very controversial decision to former Ultimate Fighter winner Diego Sanchez at UFC on Versus 3 in March. Despite Sanchez’s face looking like he had just gone through a meat grinder, Kampmann was handed the loss. It has been stewing inside of him ever since.

Looking back at the fight even now, Kampmann has no doubt in his mind that he beat Sanchez, but somehow the judges didn’t agree.

“I beat him up and I won the fight. It sucks. I can’t really do anything to change it, but I definitely feel like the winner in that fight. I feel like I got the better of him, and he’s got the scars and he knows he got beat in that fight,” Kampmann said recently on MMAWeekly Radio.

The loss to Sanchez was the second in a row for Kampmann where he’s not sure what exactly the judges were watching. He also lost a split decision to Jake Shields in 2010 that some felt should have swung his way as well.

The new plan for Kampmann now is to just keep the judges out of it altogether.

“I guess the judges don’t like me, so I’m definitely here to finish the fight. I’d like to stop Rick Story… submission, knockout, whatever. I’d definitely prefer not to go to a judges’ decision cause I don’t feel like it’s been going my way lately,” said Kampmann. “I’m here to kick his ass and make a statement. I don’t want to go to the judges anymore.”

Whether the decisions were close or not, Kampmann’s record still reads back-to-back losses, but he’s ready to show the welterweight division that he’s still a contender and they need to be on the lookout.

Rick Story gets the be the first recipient of Kampmann’s newfound attitude, and then he’s turning his attention back to Diego Sanchez.

“People usually only look at your last performance, so I think a couple good wins I can be back up there. It’s a blemish on my record those losses. I’d like to fight Diego Sanchez again and beat him up one more time and not let it go to the judges, but I don’t think he wants any piece of that cause he knows he’s going to get his ass whooped,” said Kampmann.

“Rick Story’s definitely tough; he comes out to bang. He’s a powerful strong guy. He’s got good wrestling. He’s definitely not an opponent to underestimate. I think he’s real tough, and after I beat him up I think he’ll do great in the welterweight division.”

Looking at the match-up itself, Story would seem on paper to have a decided advantage in the wrestling department. Kampmann isn’t too worried about that, however, because his takedown defense is rock solid, and he has the kryptonite to answer Story’s wrestling.

“I’m going to stuff Rick Story’s takedowns and I’m going to kick him in the face,” Kampmann stated.

It may not seem very scientific, but it works for Martin Kampmann. He’ll look to unleash that very technical game plan when he faces Rick Story at UFC 139 on Saturday night in San Jose, Calif.

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