Martin Kampmann in $10,000 Buy-in World Series of Poker Main Event

Martin Kampmann at the WSOPUFC fighter Martin Kampmann is taking his fighting skills and applying them this week to the game of cards instead of the pugilistic sport of mixed martial arts.

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the premiere tournament of poker where thousands of poker players from all over the world descend upon Las Vegas every year to combat for a prize of around $10 million dollars. This is where the best of the best play, as is accentuated by a ten-thousand-dollar cost to enter.

Does Kampmann have what it takes to compete on such a high level when this isn’t his focus in life? Well, two months ago he won the NV Poker Challenge, which put $52,000 in his pocket, so Martin is no slouch.

So how did his first day go in the WSOP? He had to fold pocket aces after his opponent hit a set of kings.

It will take this kind of self control, analytical skill, and patience to make it to the top.

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