Marquardt Denies Steroid Use (Update 8/16)

August 15, 2005

Nathan Marquardt at Ultimate Fight Night

Nathan Marquardt at Ultimate Fight Night

MMAWeekly’s Ivan Trembow broke the news that Nathan Marquardt, who defeated Ivan Salaverry in the main event of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Ultimate Fight Night, has returned a positive result for nandrolone metabolite, an anabolic steroid, according to the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Shortly after the news broke, Marquardt denied that he had ever used the steroid. “I just want to say that I have never taken steroids. I never have and I never will.”

The test showing the positive result was administered the night of the fight on August 6th. Since being notified of the results by the athletic commission late last week, Marquardt has voluntarily submitted to two follow-up tests, one in Colorado and another in Las Vegas.

Marquardt’s manager, Will Hendricks, categorically denied that Marquardt had ever taken steroids. “He has never taken steroids and he never would. Nate prides himself on being a natural fighter that has worked hard to get to where he is, not by taking short cuts.” He continued, “Right now, we can only speculate on how this test came back positive. We’re confident that the re-test will come back negative.”

Both Marquardt and Hendricks were baffled at the result, saying that it just didn’t make any sense to them. According to Hendricks, “Nate took a test 3 months ago while we were in negotiations with the UFC and was negative. He was well aware that he would be tested going into this fight.” But even that is beside the point to Hendricks, “Nate is a smart fighter, he knows that he doesn’t need to use drugs to compete.”

Like most professional athletes, Marquardt has taken dietary supplements and it could be possible that they influenced the test results. “That is certainly something that we are looking into,” responded Hendricks when asked about any supplements that Marquardt may have been taking.

Nandrolone metabolite, the steroid that showed up on Marquardt’s test, is considered one of the most effective performance enhancing steroids there is, but also is one of the most highly detectable. It is also one of the more common contaminants in over the counter supplements. According to a study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association and other reports, trace amounts in sufficient quantities to cause a drug test failure have been found in over the counter supplements in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy. Some of the contaminated supplements reportedly included iron tablets in Italy, creatine powder in Germany, androstenedione in the United Kingdom and the United States, and even in a protein powder in the United States.


Late last week, Nathan was notified that his post-Ultimate Fight Night urinalysis had tested positive for a banned substance.

This unexpected news left us unbelieving, and in a state of shock. At this point, we can only assume this is a false-positive result, possibly due to some flaw in the testing process. For those reasons, Nathan has voluntarily submitted to two additional tests, one conducted in Colorado this past weekend, and a second in Nevada on Monday. We are confident the new tests will exonerate Nathan of these allegations.

Nathan would like his friends and fans to know that he has NEVER knowingly taken any banned substance. His personal code of ethics, and strong Christian faith would never allow him to do so. We are confident that an impartial review of the facts will reveal this truth.

We would also like to thank UFC president Dana White for his strong support of Nathan in this unfortunate matter.