Marquardt Tests Negative In Colorado

August 18, 2005

Nathan Marquardt at Ultimate Fight Night

Nathan Marquardt at Ultimate Fight Night

Nathan Marquardt landed in a firestorm of controversy this week when news broke that he tested positive for a banned substance after his Ultimate Fight Night battle with Ivan Salaverry.

As soon as he was notified of the test results, Marquardt immediately went for a retest in Colorado over the weekend and then on the following Monday flew out to Las Vegas to be retested there. The test results in Nevada have not come back yet, but the results of his test in Colorado are in and have come back negative.

As for the negative result in Colorado, Marquardt had only this to say, “I was confident that the test result would turn up negative because I have never taken steroids and I will do whatever it takes to prove my innocence. I’m confident that the test results from Nevada will show the same.”

The results from the Nevada retest should be in on Friday morning.

Following is an official statement from Marquardt’s manager, Will Hendrix:

“Since receiving news late last week that his post-Ultimate Fight Night urinalysis had tested positive for a banned substance, UFC fighter Nathan Marquardt has voluntarily submitted himself to two additional tests, one conducted in Colorado this past weekend, and a second in Nevada on Monday. Today, the Colorado tests results came in and indicated NEGATIVE for any banned substance. The Nevada results should become available tomorrow or early next week.”