Marlon Moraes still wants to face T.J. Dillashaw after his doping suspension is finished

Marlon Moraes has serious issues with T.J. Dillashaw cheating but that wouldn’t stop him from punching the former bantamweight champion in the face if given the opportunity.

For the better part of the last year, Moraes had been chasing Dillashaw in his attempt to become the 135-pound champion in the UFC. Just when it looked like he might get his chance, Dillashaw was popped by USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) for using EPO (erythropoietin).

Dillashaw was then suspended for two years and now Moraes will battle flyweight champion Henry Cejudo for the vacant bantamweight title at UFC 238 in Chicago on June 8.

Even Moraes was taken back by Dillashaw’s positive drug test and he says there’s no way not to question everything he’s ever done or will do going forward because he decided to cheat.

“My mind as a fan and as a fighter to look up to a guy and he is good but I don’t know was he going to be like that if he wasn’t cheating? It sucks,” Moraes told MMAWeekly. “It puts you in a bad position because we don’t know. You don’t believe the system anymore. You don’t know who’s doing, who’s not doing and it sucks.

“He’ll never be the same. I can guarantee he will never be the same.”

Dillashaw got busted for using EPO ahead of his fight with Cejudo back in January, which still didn’t go his way after the flyweight champion knocked him out in just 32-seconds into the opening round.

Cejudo has said in the aftermath of the positive drug test and Dillashaw’s suspension that he would never entertain a rematch with him no matter how much he was being paid.

Moraes takes a different approach when asked about a potential fight against Dillashaw after he returns to action in 2021.

“Yes I want to fight him 100-percent,” Moraes said about Dillahaw. “I don’t care if he’s taking, if he’s not taking, I want to put my hands on him one day. I want to make him pay for everyone he made pay. I want to put him in a bad spot and show him what is real. I know I’m better than this guy, especially now knowing what he was doing.

“There’s no way that guy can beat me. He can be out forever and then come back and I’ll be more than happy to welcome him back to the UFC and defend my belt against him.”