Mark Munoz Says if Anderson Silva Doesn’t Want a Rematch with Chris Weidman, He’d like One

July 7, 2013

Mark-Munoz-UFC-123-post-478x270Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva said following his UFC 162 knockout loss to Chris Weidman that he didn’t want to exercise his option for an immediate rematch.  Mark Munoz, however, is ready to fill the void. 

“I worked hard for this fight.  He has my respect because he is the best now.  Chris is new champion.  Chris is the champion now.  I finish my work.  I no more fight for the belt.   I fight for the belt for a long time.  I’m tired,” said the long-time titleholder following his knockout loss to Weidman.

If Silva declines, Munoz is more than willing to step up.

“I just want to say, if Anderson doesn’t fight Chris, I’d love to step in. I’d love to step in because this was the real Mark Munoz tonight,” said the 35-year-old middleweight contender during the UFC 162 post-fight press conference.  “When I fought Chris, I actually had some adversity fighting him.  So I would really love a rematch with him if Anderson doesn’t take it.”

Munoz and Weidman fought on July 11, 2012, with Weidman knocking Munoz out after landing an elbow standing and follow-up strikes on the ground.

Munoz’s dominant performance over Tim Beotsch at UFC 162 puts him back in the conversation of middleweight contenders, but Weidman holds a definitive victory over him, so a rematch seems unlikely to happen so soon.

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