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In what was easily the best radio interview this month, Mark Kerr spent a half-hour on MMAWeekly Radio today and pulled no punches about his drug use, his regrets in the fight game, and a lot more that you can hear now on the radio archive at MMAWeekly.com.

MMAWeekly Radio’s Ryan Bennett and Frank Trigg talked with Kerr about his past, and Trigg was very open about his feelings about the movie, “The Smashing Machine.” Trigg told Kerr, “That movie [The Smashing Machine] was the worst fu&$king movie ever. It set the sport back five years. You made us sound like steroid-slinging, dumb-ass fighters…”

You can hear Kerr’s response to Trigg, as Frank and Mark talked openly about their thoughts on the movie and Kerr’s drug abuse on today’s radio show. Kerr also goes into detail about what he expects he can do in his career in the future.

Kerr stated that he will weigh between 225 and 230 pounds for his fight this weekend against Wes Sims. Sims actually called into the show briefly and talked to Bennett, Trigg, and Kerr as well.

Kerr also stated that he wants to eventually fight in the 205-pound weight class and try to emulate what Randy Couture did by winning at the heavyweight and light-heavyweight divisions.

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