Mark Hunt Trashes Fabricio Werdum After He’s Suspended 2 Years for Doping Violation

September 13, 2018

Mark Hunt has been one of the loudest voices against performance enhancing drug use in the UFC largely because he’s faced so many opponents who have been popped for cheating.

The latest example came earlier this week when former heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum was suspended for two years by USADA after testing positive for trenbolone, an anabolic steroid banned at all times for athletes.

Hunt fell to Werdum back in 2014 by knockout in an interim title fight and he’s the latest of his past opponents to have some kind of history with a doping violation.

Just days away from his next main event fight against Alexei Oleinik in Russia, Hunt unleashed on Werdum during a media session speaking with reporters on Thursday.

“I’m glad that Fabricio Werdum got caught, that little b–ch.” Hunt said. “Go back to the favelas. F–k you, you little c–t. Good job. He was supposed to be here, but that’s what you get for being weak.

“That’s what you get, Fabricio, for being a weak-minded person. See you later.”

Hunt has not only loudly voiced his opposition to cheaters in the UFC but he’s actually attempting to win a lawsuit against Brock Lesnar as well as the promotion and UFC president Dana White after he lost to the former heavyweight champion back in 2016 and it was later revealed that he had tested positive for a banned substance.

To make matters worse, Lesnar was given an exemption to skip out on months of drug testing so he could make his UFC return on shorter notice.

Hunt is hoping to hold Lesnar and the UFC accountable for putting his body in harm’s way against a chemically enhanced opponent.

That’s why Hunt will never feel bad for the fighters caught cheating so it’s not likely he’ll be throwing Werdum a going away party as he exits the sport for the next two years.

“That guy kneed me in the head in Mexico. I had to lose 21 kilograms in three and a half weeks to make that a title fight,” Hunt said when speaking about his fight with Werdum. “I got kneed in the head by that little cheater. Then he beats Cain [Velasquez] in Mexico. That really upsets me about that guy. Then he wouldn’t fight me – he’s just a cheating little b–ch man.

“He’s a little dog, that guy. See you later, Fabricio. Enjoy, motherf–ker.”