Mark Hunt Suffers Another Setback, May Have to Return to the Hospital Next Week

Mark Hunt infection surgeryIt appears that Mark Hunt’s recent skin graft didn’t take, so he will likely be headed back to the hospital.

Hunt fractured his right toe in his UFC 160 bout with Junior dos Santos. He was recently in the hospital not for that injury, but due to an infected hematoma in his left leg.

Like the fractured toe, the hematoma was also a result of the fight with dos Santos.

Hunt had a skin graft as part of the surgery, but it didn’t take and the skin didn’t survive. He may be headed back to the hospital next week.

“Well troops jus wanted u guys to know the skin graph didnt survive,and i think i will be back in hospital next week,” Hunt wrote on Facebook. “its a bummer really cause the hill song confrence is starting next tuesday i hope i dont have to go hospital,but we will see i see plastic surgeon tuesday. didnt realise how bad this is man. anyways troops will keep u guys informed roger roger over and out lol.”

Hunt had already relayed that he has at least two more surgeries to go before he is fully on the mend, but won’t find out until next week how much of a setback this recent development could represent.

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