Mark Hunt Loses Unanimous Decision to Justin Willis in Likely Final UFC Fight

December 2, 2018

Mark Hunt has likely finished his career with the UFC and he probably would rather not remember his last fight.

Hunt fell to rising prospect Justin Willis over three rounds in what can only be described as a largely uninspired performance from both heavyweight contenders.

Hunt and Willis were wary to expose themselves too much in the opening round knowing that each of them has the power to put the other away with one shot. For the majority of the five minute session, Hunt focused on throwing a series of low kicks to the legs, which actually ended up opening a cut on his own shin.

Still, Hunt was doing more offensively than Willis, who was resigned to counter strike with big winging punches but he was coming up just short on most of his combinations.

Hunt continued to be the aggressor in the second round but neither fighter was willing to engage much. Willis seemed content to circle away from Hunt’s power and pop away at him with his lead jab.

Unfortunately there just wasn’t much action with Hunt and Willis standing a few feet away from each other and each of them was seemingly waiting for the other to blink.

Willis finally started to up the output in the third and final round as he began throwing first with Hunt reacting to his offense. His best punch was a right hand that kept slipping through and cracking Hunt on the jaw as the veteran heavyweight was constantly plodding forward.

As time ticked away, Wills’ lead jab continued to be his most effective weapon and Hunt was getting frustrated without any real answer to return fire.

When the horn sounded, the crowd let out a collective groan after a largely unenergetic performance from both fighters. Still, Willis was able to use his jab effectively over all three rounds to earn a unanimous decision victory with 29-28 scorecards across the board.

Afterwards, Willis didn’t give a post fight speech and instead give the floor to Hunt, who has made it clear that this would be his final performance in the UFC

Hunt apologized for the fight and then thanked everybody for the support throughout the years.

“I’ll see you somewhere else,” Hunt said as he closes out his UFC career with plans to continue fighting in another promotion.

While it wasn’t the strongest performance, Willis still got the job done over three rounds to beat a top 10 ranked heavyweight and he continues his unbeaten run in the UFC. As for Hunt, his career inside the Octagon likely comes to an unceremonious end with three straight losses but obviously he’s already said hat he plans to fight elsewhere away from the UFC.