Mark Hunt: ‘I Ain’t No Freakin’ Steroid User… This is All About Hard Work’

(Courtesy of Submission Radio)

Mark Hunt drew a large crowd to his UFC 221 open workout and question and answer session on Thursday in Sydney, Australia. After working out for the crowd, Hunt had few words to say, but he made them count, reassuring his fans that, despite being 43 years of age, he is far from done fighting.

“I’m looking forward to going a bit further in my career. I have a few more fights left,” Hunt told the crowd.

Of course, Hunt is widely known for having a huge issue with fighters and his employer when it comes to performance-enhancing drug abusers. 

Hunt has been particularly soured by having to fight so many UFC heavyweights that have been found to be on steroids or other prohibited substances. He used his sizable audience to punctuate that he remains steadfast against dopers.

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“I’m the best fighter in the world. I ain’t no freakin’ steroid-user, that’s for sure,” he proclaimed. “Remember that. This is all about hard work. To get to the top here, it’s all about hard work, not cheating. These guys have gotta get it right.”

Hunt next steps into the Octagon opposite Curtis Blaydes in the UFC 221 co-main event on Feb. 11 in Perth, Australia.