Mark Hunt goes off on Dana White, UFC following positive court ruling

September 27, 2021

Everyone knows that Mark Hunt has been mad at the way the UFC treated him during his tenure, that’s no surprise. But this week Hunt really unloaded his emotions and it’s a doozy. 

“U f**kers said to me many many moons ago if I was a gambling man and I will ask u here the same question because u ain’t eva going to get rid of me I’m a motherf**ken gangsta and I got that rusty fork waiting for all of your b**ch a** eyeballs. @danawhite u better kill me bra u ain’t going anywhere G u and your little pu**y friends u b**ches have stolen from so many of us fighters and our families finally justice is about to start for u punk motherf**kers enjoy it b**ch. And all of those who scoffed and laughed at me and said all sorts of sh** u can all kiss my black a** u filthy coward f**ks”

Hunt’s post is in reference to a lawsuit he filed against the UFC surrounding his Brock Lesnar fight at UFC 200 in July 2016. He lost the fight to Lesnar but it was later turned into a no-contest after Lesnar was flagged for performance-enhancing drugs, of which Hunt believes the UFC knew of the PED use and did nothing to protect him.

You can watch the full video right here. 

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Hunt’s lawsuit was initially denied by Nevada courts but a recent appeal granted Hunt the right to a lawsuit, which is a huge pro for team Hunt.