By Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
After coming into 2007 as one of the sport’s hottest fighters, thanks in large part to impressive wins in the UFC, Canadian standout Mark Hominick stumbled early in the year, losing back-to-back fights for the first time in four years.

Determined to get back among the top of the 145-pound ranks, Hominick re-dedicated himself, changing his fighting philosophy in the process and came back in the second half of the year a much different fighter.

Embolden with a more aggressive fighting style, Mark picked up back-to-back impressive wins in the TKO promotion, including a three-round routing of previously undefeated Danny Martinez at this past Friday’s event in Montreal, and now looks poised to once again become a dominant force at 145-pounds.

“I felt like I got some good ring time in there, put on a good performance and just fought a really diligent guy,” said Hominick of his win last Friday over Danny Martinez.

“I was basically catching him with all my combinations and dropping him. I probably dropped him five or six times in the fight, but he was just really resilient and kept coming back.”

In the end Mark earned a unanimous decision for his efforts. And while he’s happy to have the victory, he feels that he wasn’t able to fully showcase all the things he had been working on in training.

“I’ve been trying to improve all the holes of my game,” admitted Hominick. “Really working on my wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and was really excited to show all the skills that I have, but the fight just didn’t have to go to the ground.”

As if the additions to his arsenal weren’t enough, Mark explains that a revamped philosophy on fighting has helped solidify his comeback.

“I guess the focus of me worrying about what I’m going to do to my opponent as opposed to just worrying about what they are going to do to me,” explained Hominick.

“A couple of fights – like when I was fighting (Hatsu) Hioki for the second time and against (Rani) Yahya – I was too focused on what their skill sets was and me worrying about that, as opposed to me imposing my game and my strengths in the fights. That’s been the difference these last fights, just going out and do what I do best and be confident that I can put away all my opponents.”

Back on the winning track, Mark instantly becomes one of the top contenders in his division, a division which has become one of the sport’s premier action weight classes, which is very deep in talent.

According to Hominick, this upcoming year he looks to challenge himself against some of that talent and regain the championship form he had in the TKO promotion.

“I want to face to top competition, whoever is considered amongst the best at 145 I want to fight,” exclaimed Mark. “If I have to climb the ladder, I’ll do that. If they want me to fight (the top fighters) right way, I’ll do that. I’m just ready to prove myself against the best and all I can do is step up to fight them.”

“Jens (Pulver) is a hero of mine, a long-time idol to me, and Urijah’s (Faber) a killer, but there’s so many guys at 145 like Micah Miller, Cub Swanson, and Chase (Beebe), the list go on. There’s all kinds of match-ups (available) and there’s going to be no easy fights at 145, I just want to step up and face some of that top competition.”

While there is a wealth of talent in the 145-pound weight class, two names in particular stand out as possible headlining, crowd-pleasing match-ups.

“I would love that fight,” said Hominick when asked about facing Jens Pulver. “I think that there would be fireworks in that fight if we both stand up and trade.”

“I think that’s the fight the fans would love to see and the promotion would also love to put together.”

And what of the possibilities of facing off against current WEC 145-pound Champion Urijah Faber, a fighter who just defeated one of Mark’s long-time training partners and mentors, Jeff Curran?

“Urijah just proved that he’s dangerous at point in any fight,” commented Hominick. “If you’re going to fight Urijah, you better be ready for a 25-minute war, because if you slip up for one second, he’s going to finish it.”

“I see a lot of parts in his game that I think I could expose. I think it’d be a great fight, he’s the king in the division and I think I can be the one of the people that can do that.”

Regardless of whom he fights next and where, Mark is firmly focused on continuing his winning ways and earning his way back to the top of the 145-pound division.

“My general goal is just to face top competition, whoever that may be, wherever that promotion that is,” said Hominick. “It looks like the WEC has got the best division for 145, so that’s going to be my focus, but mainly (my goal is to) prove myself, that’s the main thing.”

“Talk is cheap, and all I can do is step up and prove it – and that’s my goal right now – to prove where I’m at in this division; with thanks to MMA Authentic, Cage Fighter and MCFC Fight Management for their support.”