Marcus Davis Released by the UFC; Committed to Fighting Again

January 6, 2011

Marcus Davis at UFC 118

Marcus Davis

Marcus Davis has been released from the UFC following his loss to Jeremy Stephens at UFC 125 last weekend.

Davis’ manager Joe Cavallaro confirmed the release to on Thursday.

A former cast member of “The Ultimate Fighter Season 2,” Davis had gone 1-4 in his last five fights, but was always competitive and known as one of the toughest competitors on the UFC roster.

“Marcus has been fighting in the UFC since 2006. He’s one the guys that’s been consistent, whether it’s Fight of the Night, Knockout of the Night, Submission of the Night, he always gives a great fight,” Cavallaro told “With this last fight with Jeremy Stephens, he said ‘I made a mistake, and I paid for it, and you’ve got to give it to Jeremy Stephens.’

“(Stephens) won, we’ve got nothing but respect for him, and (Marcus) is looking forward to getting back in there and working his way back to the UFC.”

Davis is committed to fighting according to his manager, and while he plans to take some time off following the release to spend time with his family, he will be back in the gym in short time and looking for another fight.

Following his loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 118 in Boston, Davis was somewhat reflective on his career and many thought that he might be closing the doors on his fighting future. Instead, Davis rejuvenated his career by dropping down to the lightweight division, something that he will do again for his next fight.

“Marcus gets heartbroken, he puts a lot of time and dedication into this, and it’s a heartbreaking loss,” said Cavallaro. “He also knows that he’s always just a couple fights away from being back, he feels real comfortable at 155. He felt lighter on his feet, he moved better, he wants to stay at 155.”

Davis, who trains in his home state of Maine as well at Team Sityodtong in Boston, has already fielded offers from a few promotions, and will look for a new fighting home as soon as possible.

The end goal of course is for Davis to end up back in the place where he feels most at home, the UFC Octagon.

“Marcus is very appreciative of the time with the UFC, and the time he spent there,” said Cavallaro. “He said ‘I’ll be back. It’s not the first time it’s happened.”