Marc Ecko Going MMA With ProElite Purchase?

It sounds as if Marc Ecko Enterprises may be the latest apparel company willing to try its hand and gamble its reputation on mixed martial arts. That is if our friends over at have all their ducks in a row…

Although they weren’t able to confirm it with Marc Ecko Enterprises directly, iGuillotine says that Ecko is the leading bidder to purchase what’s left of ProElite, Inc. and its EliteXC brand.

There have been strong rumors lately that ProElite’s doors, already shuttered, could soon be re-opened if a sale for the company’s assets goes through.

Ecko has been dabbling its toes in the MMA waters, creating MMA specific apparel and sponsoring UFC fighters such as Nate Diaz, Michael Bisping, and Matt Hughes. Of course, the sponsorship door to UFC fighters will surely be slammed shut if Ecko does takeover ProElite and its television contracts with CBS and Showtime. Just ask the guys at Affliction.

Other strong rumors place Terry Trebilcock’s King of the Cage — and an unidentified partner — as one of the front-runners to take over ProElite. Of course, there’s nothing saying that Trebilcock’s partner couldn’t be Ecko.

Grind rumor mill, grind.