A Special Message from MMAWeekly.com
Thanksgiving Day Story

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the United States where MMAWeekly.com is based. We would like to take this opportunity, in the spirit of the day, to give a big round of thanks to the many people that helped us to make it through a very difficult year.

Most of you know the co-founder of MMAWeekly.com, Ryan Bennett, perished in a tragic car accident at the end of May of this year. Following the accident, many lives were sent into turmoil, but none more severely than those of his family.

The Bennett family has struggled to pick up the pieces and, in honor of Ryan’s spirit, continue to take life one day at a time. But there have been some tremendous people that have really done a lot to help Ryan’s family. And they deserve a huge “Thank You.”

No one has worked harder, though many have stepped up to help, than Randy Harris. Randy immediately took the bull by the horns, so to speak. He started the auctions on eBay that you often read about here on MMAWeekly. Randy has spent countless hours and much of his own money to tirelessly do what is necessary to raise funds so that Ryan’s family can get the medical help they need and more as they work to make ends meet without Ryan.

Randy… a tremendous thank you to you for your undying efforts in helping the family of our mutual friend.

There have been many, many people that have stepped up in no small part due to Randy’s efforts – many fighters, fans, behind the scenes personnel, and anonymous individuals. A heartfelt thanks to all of you. The help that has been sent the Bennett family’s way wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of everyone involved. There are too many individuals to name everyone here, so we won’t even try. But know that your efforts, no matter how large or small, are greatly appreciated.

Obviously, MMAWeekly.com suffered tremendously with Ryan’s passing. He was not only the co-founder, but in many ways the heart of MMAWeekly. We were lucky enough that he was not just a leader, but also a mentor. Ryan was a man that went out of his way to inspire others to achieve beyond what most felt was possible for themselves.

Possibly even more miraculously has been the effect of his life even now that he is gone. Ryan’s presence is still felt today, maybe even more than ever. So many people have stepped up in so many ways in his absence, it is truly a miracle. And that is what Ryan was and is… a miracle.

On this day of thanks, as we send out our gratitude to all the individuals that have helped the Bennett family, that have honored Ryan and befriended those of us that were brought into his extended family, that have supported Ryan’s dream of MMAWeekly, we send our biggest thanks out to Ryan himself.

Thank you my friend for your desire, your inspiration, your guidance, your love and friendship… thank you for a life well-lived.