by Mitch Gobetz – MMAWeekly.com
Manny Gamburyan was in the biggest fight of his career against Nate Diaz back at The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale. It appeared Manny was winning the fight and Diaz hadn’t offered much of an offense. At the start of the second round, Gamburyan shot in for a take down. After the shot, he immediately tapped out. Gamburyan’s shoulder had popped out and was dislocated. All of his dreams had been lost because of the injury, and the victory belonged to Nate Diaz.

Gamburyan spoke with MMAWeekly about his injury and his feelings about the fight. The first thing most fans were wondering about was his recovery. “My health is really good. My shoulder is getting better. The first few days were really painful, but now I’m healing.” After going through some tough fights in the house, and being a huge underdog, Manny was extremely dejected. “It was very disappointing,” Manny explained. “That’s for sure. I worked very hard.”

After such a lackluster ending to a very hyped fight, a rematch seems imminent. There have been some rumors of Diaz not wanting a rematch though. Gamburyan was infuriated at the thought of not getting one. “I heard he said that he didn’t want a rematch. You better give me a rematch, bro. It wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t my fault. I want a rematch as soon as possible.” Manny didn’t believe that Diaz did anything to hurt him at all during the fight. “He didn’t even damage me bro. He didn’t do anything. He will be the last guy I would be scared of. I fought Sean Sherk when I was 18 years old. Why would I be scared to fight Nate Diaz?”

Gamburyan’s shoulder injury was not a new one. He has had these problems quite a few times in the past. In fact, he even had it happen during the taping of The Ultimate Fighter. “This is not a new injury. I hurt my shoulder when I fought Joe Lauzon in the third round. It hurt really bad.”

The UFC must know that if a rematch were not to occur, there would always be speculation about who would have won the bout. Especially since Gamburyan clearly won the first round. “I was winning, of course. Everyone knew I was winning. Everybody wants to see this fight again. It wasn’t supposed to end this way.”

Manny knows that he might not get an immediate rematch, and he is willing to go up against anybody that the UFC has in front of him. “If I have to fight a couple guys until I fight Diaz, I’ll do it.” The severity of Manny’s injury does not seem to be too long. According to Gamburyan, he’s ready to fight right now. “As soon as possible. I swear to God. I might be hurting, but I want to fight right now.”

In speaking with MMAWeekly, it seemed like the only thing on Gamburyan’s mind was redemption. He had a fire in his voice that would pump up any fan. “I will rematch him any day, any time, any place. I promise you guys that I will win. I know I’m gonna be back. Not only will I be back. I’m gonna finish business. I will heal.”