Statement by Henry Evans
Dan Christison’s Manager Issues Statement to MMAWeekly

Following the publication of an article about some of the recent UFC medical suspensions, MMAWeekly received the following statement from Dan Christison’s manager, Henry Evans. Here is the statement that was issued by Mr. Evans.

My company represents Dan Christison and I personally manage his career. First and foremost we appreciate you mentioning that he got a bum rap on TUF 2. We were surprised to hear that he is suspended as his nose was not broken and he had absolutely no broken bones of any kind in his face or anywhere else. He did have a hand injury which we are currently treating with Metroplex Rehab Medicine in Dallas Texas. We will take this up with the Nevada State Athletic commission and have his suspension released thanks to your article. Dan should not be suspended and the MRI that Dr. John East evaluated proves it.

Dan is a warrior who was coming off of a 5 fight win streak over big name fighters prior to being on the show. He fought those 5 fights in 11 months and gave the judges the night off each time by destroying his opponents and never letting his fights go to a decision. He broke Andre Roberts arm, caused Jimmy Ambriz to verbally submit after taking one too many of Dan’s strikes, and most notably dismantled Team Miletich’s best heavyweight, Ben Rothwell. The only losses he has are to current or former world champions and on the show.

Tim Sylvia spent a lot of time taunting Dan prior to him picking off the best heavyweight they had, Ben Rothwell. If you watch the fight you’ll see Dan win the fight and break Ben’s soul in the process. Beating Ben a few months prior to taping the show apparently pissed off Matt Hughes and Tim Sylvia and they let their dislike for Dan be known during the taping of the show. Dan went on the show with 24 hours notice, had an injured shoulder and knee and was over trained by a guy who I think wanted him to lose, Matt Hughes.

Tim Sylvia can bitch about Dan and if he does it’s because he knows Dan is a superior athlete. Matt (who is a true champion in his own right) shot his wad when he used his only opportunity to train Dan to weaken him prior to a fight, causing his first loss in six fights. Dan is back to basics training with the best trainer in the business, Greg Jackson. With this training he is also back on track to continue his win streak with whomever steps up to fight him next. It won’t be Seth Petrucelli because he has already told Dan he does not want to fight him again.

Be it Frank Mir, Paul Buentello, Josh Barnett, or whoever is put in front of Dan, we are confident that Dan will show that what happened on the show was like most television, part fantasy and part reality. It is a fantasy that Dan is anything less than a world champion caliber fighter with a champion’s heart. It is reality that under the extremely unusual circumstances created by television producers that Dan lost that fight.

The UFC is building MMA awareness along with other organizations and we thank them for it. Whichever organization Dan fights for next he will be properly trained and be one of the rare mixed martial artists that can step up at over 270 pounds with 17% body fat. Dan has never been finished in a fight.

Be clear that I am speaking as Dan’s manager and that the opinions I express are mine and may or may not have Dan’s or Greg Jackson’s endorsement. Dan is not a talker and believes the best statement he can make is simply beating his opponents, one at a time. One thing Dan I do agree on is that his next fight will be a bad night for his opponent, whoever that may be.

Lastly, you guys do a great job. I read your site 7 days a week in order to keep informed and again, I thank you for letting us know about Dan’s improper suspension in Nevada.

Henry Evans