Manager Debunks Alistair Overeem Rumors

For Glenn Robinson, picking who to manage comes naturally.  He’s on a roll too: Jake Shields is coming off of a big win over Sexiyama, Rashad Evans has a title shot right around the corner, and his most recent signing, Alistair Overeem, is the first title defense of UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos.

With all of this success there can’t be any controversy, right?


Right after Robinson’s Authentic Sports Management group signed the Strikeforce and Dream heavyweight champion, rumors started circulating on Twitter that ASM had paid Overeem a $500,000 signing bonus. Some might think that paying Overeem to join their camp would be a good marketing move, but would ASM ever be able to recoup that cost?

Not so fast says Robinson.

“(The rumors) are all (expletive),” Robinson told MMAWeekly Radio’s Weekend Edition.

Where did these rumors come from?

“There are some evil people in this business that are real dirty and they spread rumor(s).”

While none of the rumors had been officially reported on, people who claim to know Overeem say that the only reason the giant heavyweight settled on the Blackzilians’ camp is the money offered, as well as additional but unspecified perks. ASM would gain the marketing push of signing the world’s most interesting free agent and Overeem could cash in.

But if the $500,000 bonus is not true, is Overeem being given special treatment by ASM? Could this be a marketing ploy?

“It’s not a publicity stunt. Our deal is (very) fair to (all parties). Our objective is to help Alistair as much as we help Rashad or any fighter
on our team. We treat everyone the same.”

So if ASM didn’t pay Overeem an incredible sum of money to sign, nor treating him any differently than any other fighter under contract, how did Robinsin sign the highly sought after heavyweight?

“How did I sign Alistair? I can’t give away my trade secrets,” he said with a laugh.  “You are basically asking a chef to tell you his secret ingredients.”

Looking at Robinson’s roster of talent, his recipe is working.

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