Majority Draw Radio: Tyron Woodley Says “No Way in Hell” He’d Fight Lawler for Less than a Title

On the latest episode of Majority Draw Radio, hosts Ryan McKinnell and Danny Acosta discuss Benson Henderson’s first finish in three-plus years in the UFC, Diego Sanchez’s magnetism for dubious, even down right maddening decision wins, and Bryan Caraway’s street fighting man fish hook technique. Plus more UFC Fight Night Albuquerque and UFC 174 talk.

UFC 174 co-main eventer Tyron Woodley stops by and opens up about his contender position in the Octagon’s crowded welterweight division. Woodley insists he’d never fight American Top Team teammate Robbie Lawler for anything less than a title because he knows no. 1 contender fights are fleeting. He finds it odd he’s being asked questions like Rory MacDonald is the favorite in their upcoming fight because Woodley’s wrestling pedigree is something MacDonald has never faced. Finally, Woodley admits he tried to petition for his title shot on the mic, only to resign to his usual tactic of letting his actions speak louder than his words.

“I think they should stop calling those fights the no. 1 contendership bout,” Woodley told Majority Draw Radio. “Isn’t that what I just did with Carlos Condit? Isn’t that what I’m supposed to be doing with Rory MacDonald? You know what I mean? For me to go out there and say okay, if you fight Robbie, you get a world title fight. I was told that twice before, it didn’t happen. Why would I go and fight my teammate and friend for the chance to fight for a world title? No way in hell. I’ll leave that money on the table. It don’t mean that much to me to fight a teammate.”

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