Majority Draw Radio: Matt Serra and Jake Ellenberger, and Anderson Silva’s Injury

Majority Draw Radio hosts Ryan McKinnell and Danny Acosta break down the once-in-a-lifetime ending of UFC 168’s shocking shin snap that sent Anderson Silva home injured and left UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman still undefeated.

McKinnell catches up with Weidman’s trainer, Matt Serra, on location in Las Vegas after UFC 168 regarding the incident, going through the camp with Weidman and what it takes to earn sustained respect after shocking the world… something the former UFC welterweight champion knows something about.

Jake Ellenberger also shares his reaction to the horrifying, unlikely outcome of UFC 168’s main event, how a fighter’s psychology blocks out such possibilities, and the notion that such a loss is the worst of all because it’s a loss of health.

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