Majority Draw Radio: Josh Samman Advocates Lifetime Ban for PED Offenders

On the latest Majority Draw Radio, hosts Ryan McKinnell and Danny Acosta discuss PEDs, Anderson Silva’s positive test, and the Urijah Faber vs. Frankie Edgar match-up.

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UFC middleweight Josh Samman joins the show’s PEDs conversation in a wide-ranging interview, reflects on his UFC 181 knockout of the night performance — which came through the adversity of a hamstring injury — and had some realistic advice for up-and-coming fighters.

“I tore my hamstring off my hip bone and I had to get it reattached,” Samman told Majority Draw Radio of preparing for his knockout win over Eddie Gordon. He took the fight  “even though my leg hadn’t healed completely” and is still rehabbing the injury.

“It’s crazy for me that an injury cannot be healed nine months later, but that’s just the nature of it.”

Samman also had loud, direct words about cleaning up the sport from PEDs.

“I’m all for the lifetime ban,” said the Florida-based fighter. “You can come test my blood 24/7, 365, any day of the year. If there is any PEDs ever in my blood, ban me from the sport for the rest of my life. I think that’s one of the most empathic things you can say.”

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