September 11, 2005

by Scott Petersen and Ken Yamamoto
This week in Tokyo Genki Sudo soundly beat his two opponents, Miyata and Takaya, in the HERO’s promotion. What was surprising was the comment made by promoter and head figure of HERO’s, Maeda. Maeda wasn’t too impressed by Sudo’s style of fighting in the ring. He was concerned about Sudo’s strategy in luring his opponents into making mistakes. He even made a comment about if this was a promotion overseas that Sudo would probably get a yellow card. Interesting, because Sudo has fought overseas in the UFC and it hasn’t appeared to be a problem. At the event, it was clear that Genki and ‘Kid’ Yamamoto were the fan favorites. And, the fact that both of them made it to the Finals of the tournament which will be shown at the New Year’s Eve Dynamite show (one of the biggest K-1 events of the year), one would think that the promoters would be ecstatic. And, a great showcase for the lighter weight fighters, to gain more interest in that weight category. This makes it even more confusing as to why Maeda would have a problem with Sudo.

When asked about what he thought about Maeda’s comments, Genki Sudo said, “Well, it’s my strategy and style.” He continued,” I’m just trying to win.” And, he also said,” I don’t intend on changing my style.” Genki went on to say that he uses Napoleon’s strategy.

As for his fights, he said that both Miyata and Takaya were difficult opponents. And as far as looking forward to the Final against ‘Kid’ Yamamoto he said that there’s still time and he’ll think about the strategy and heal up his knee injury. On a different note, Genki said that the night of the fights was on the 60th anniversary of his grandfather’s death. Genki went on to say,” I truly believe he was looking out for me today.”