Mackenzie Dern on Amanda Cooper: ‘I Just Want to Submit Her’

Mackenzie Dern might be one of the hottest prospects on the entire UFC roster right now but she’s been lucky enough to get to this point in her career without having any past opponents really try to trash talk her.

That’s not the case any longer as she prepares for a showdown against former “Ultimate Fighter” finalist Amanda Cooper next weekend at UFC 224.

While Cooper hasn’t gone full Colby Covington with her jabs at Dern, she has said that the Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist has ‘no wrestling’ and won’t be able to handle her power when they clash in the Octagon.

None of it really bothers Dern, although it does motivate her to go out and prove Cooper wrong once she finally gets to face her in Brazil.

“I know that she’s talking a lot. I’m not a trash talker so it’s different for me to fight someone that’s talking so bad about me,” Dern told MMAWeekly. “I mean they can criticize my stand up but my jiu-jitsu, I don’t see anyone at 115 [pounds] who has jiu-jitsu like mine. Maybe I need to work my wrestling, my transitions, but jiu-jitsu level wise, there’s nothing she can say.

“She’s also going to fight in Brazil. She shouldn’t be talking. The best way to fight in Brazil is to be a little quieter and try to get the crowd on your side, not against you.”

Truth be told before she was offered the fight at UFC 224, Dern had no idea who Cooper was much less the credentials she would bring into their matchup.

“I haven’t seen anything of her. I haven’t seen any of her fights. My coaches have sent me little clips. I’ve never seen her fights. I didn’t even know who she was before they offered her to me,” Dern explained. “Afterwards they told me she was in “The Ultimate Fighter” house with Ashley [Yoder] so I ended up fighting out about Amanda when they offered her to me.”

For all that Cooper had to say about Dern, the 25-year old submission specialist didn’t really take anything to heart much less allow it to get to her.

The only thing Dern really took away from it all was that unlike her UFC debut against Ashley Yoder that went three rounds, she really wants to put Cooper away quick at UFC 224.

“I definitely think that Amanda’s a way better fight for me than Ashley. Everybody was talking about my debut and of course going into the fight I’m not going to say I’m nervous or anything but I knew Ashley was a tough fight for a debut. She’s long, she’s a southpaw, she’s a brown belt in jiu-jitsu. Maybe she’s not a world champion in jiu-jitsu but all her losses are by decision so she’s hard to submit,” Dern stated.

“Amanda’s totally different. Amanda, all of her losses have come by submission. She’s my size, my length, we’re almost the same size. It’s a way better matchup. I’m excited to do this fight. I think I will get the submission way easier. I don’t feel like I want to show too much of my stand up on this fight. I just want to submit her.”