by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
“The Ultimate Fighter” season six winner, Mac Danzig, proved he belongs among the growing list of top lightweights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship after defeating Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Mark Bocek by submission at UFC 83 in Montreal.

After a tough first five minutes that saw Bocek take Danzig down, the newest member of Xtreme Couture stepped up his game coming out for the next session. Taking advantage of every situation, both standing and on the ground, Danzig was able to impose his will on Bocek, who seemed to fade a bit after the first round.

“It’s kind of the way I fight. I break people down, and it’s just something that I have an ability with. I think it’s good for me because I have the ability to notice when someone’s breaking down and I can tell,” said Danzig about his second round takeover. “Some people, they just fight and they don’t really have any intuition or any sense on what their opponent is feeling, but I could tell that he was starting to break down.”

As Danzig was working to finish the fight he went for a gogoplata, a rarely used submission in mixed martial arts, and he ended up hurting himself worse than he did his opponent.

“Unfortunately, I messed up my knee going for that,” Danzig stated about the submission attempt. “I didn’t realize how hard I pulled my leg and I heard a pop while I was going for that gogoplata, I heard my knee pop. I actually just got back from the doctor’s today and I got an MRI on it and I’m going to get the results tomorrow.”

Since that time, MMAWeekly.com was able to reach Danzig for further comment about the injury. He stated that he only suffered muscle damage, not a ligament tear. So no surgery will be required for the injury. He should be back in training in about three weeks.

In the third round, Danzig took over completely, opening a large cut on Bocek’s face and then ended the fight by submitting his opponent with a rear naked choke. Considering Bocek’s considerable pedigree in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Danzig admits winning by submission felt nice.

“I know how good my ground is, I know what level my ground is, and I know where I stand in that world,” Danzig commented. “It feels good to be able to show people that I’m pretty dangerous when it comes to grappling. But then at the same time, a lot of that has to do with how I wore him out and what I did in the fight leading up to that. I definitely take pride in that, and it means a lot to me. It’s like getting a knockout on a really high level kickboxer.”

Danzig admitted during the UFC 83 post fight press conference that he is his own worst critic, and while his performance was still phenomenal, he knows he can improve.

“I felt I could have done a lot better, but I look forward to building off that and my next performance is going to be ten times better than this one, I guarantee you.”