September 26, 2010

It showed on Matt Serra’s face, it showed by the crowd’s applause, and it showed on the judges’ scorecards at UFC 119 in Indianapolis. Chris Lytle had won the rematch between the two “Ultimate Fighter: The Comeback” finalists.

Serra won their first match-up, going on to capture the UFC welterweight title for a brief time, but they both hung everything on the line Saturday night with Lytle taking advantage of the second chance.

“I just wanted to do the fight different than the last time,” said Lytle after the fight. “I gotta give it to Matt Serra, he went for it the whole time.”

Serra did go for it for the duration. He put his head down, driving in, trying to work the body of the lankier Lytle. He had spurts of success, even rocking Lytle on occasion, but overall it was Lytle, the hometown boy, that was able to implement his game.

A former professional boxer, Lytle did a great job not only picking away at Serra with his boxing, but really won the fight by making him pay dearly when the Renzo Gracie black belt came bull-rushing in. Lytle landed flush counter punches throughout the fight, staggering Serra over and over, and cutting him over the left eye.

“Let me ask you, what kind of idiot wants to box with the Indiana boxing champion? What the hell is the matter with me? I’m a jiu-jitsu guy,” Serra quipped to interviewer Joe Rogan.

He would not back down, and he paid for it, but Serra went the distance, however, Lytle walked away with a unanimous decision victory.