Luke Rockhold’s UFC 278 training includes marijuana and mushrooms

Former middleweight champion Luke Rockhold will make his octagon return at UFC 278 on August 20 against former title challenger Paulo Costa.

The 37-year old hasn’t fought since July 2019, but plans to jump right back in the mix with a win over the No. 5 ranked Costa. His preparation for the upcoming bout is interesting. Rockhold uses marijuana and mushrooms to get ‘hyper focused.’

“I use marijuana to kind of isolate. I don’t get any need or want to go do other things. It just kind of isolates me and hyper focuses me on my goal and just being on a one-track mind,” Rockhold told Submission Radio. “Then I tried mushrooms and it enhances my focus within that space.”

Rockhold revealed that he uses mushrooms several times a week. He did the interview while smoking a joint.

“Four days a week. I don’t know. Everyday. I don’t know. I take them when I run. I used them post-training. I use them for cardiovascular. Kind of focus train,” Rockhold said. “You just really, you analyze and digest what you’re doing, and it gives you perspective. A lot of perspective on your training.”

“This is the first one (training camp) that I’ve ever really incorporated (using mushrooms). I used it a little bit in the past, but never like this,” Rockhold said.

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Having been away from the sport for three years, Rockhold has been trying to do everything that he can to get prepared for his octagon return. He admittedly drank too much in his “retirement,” and has committed to refrain from alcohol use.

“I was getting carried away. I was drinking too much and losing sight of what I really wanted,” he said. “The time away gave me enough perspective and understanding that I want to do this to the best of my ability and ride out on my white horse. And to do that, I have to commit every last part of myself to doing this and being the best I can be.”

Rockhold has hired a nutritionist and a biohacking team. He’s put together a one of a kind training camp.

“It’s going to work. Trust me. I feel good,” Rockhold said.