Luke Rockhold was Battling a Staph Infection Last Two Weeks (UFC 194 Video)

Luke Rockhold  said, “I believe I’ve been the best in this sport for a long time” in response to being asked if he feels like he wasn’t given enough credit coming into the UFC as a Strikeforce champion. He continued to talk more specifically about his fight with Chris Weidman and the guillotine, which is one of his preferred moves.

Weidman is tough and Rockhold “couldn’t believe he came back in the fourth round.”

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Rockhold also talked about how important it is to be surrounded by a great team and training partners, but also illuminated his struggles with the fight.  “I was just exhausted. I’ve never been that exhausted before in my life.” He admitted he had been on antibiotics for the last two weeks for cellulitis of his foot.

“It’s just been draining my body.”

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