Luke Rockhold Not Sure Georges St-Pierre Will Actually Fight Michael Bisping

August 8, 2017

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre‘s return to the Octagon was originally scheduled to be against middleweight titleholder Michael Bisping. The match-up was abandoned by the fight promotion and then rescheduled.

The organization held a press conference on March 1, announcing St-Pierre’s return and the title fight against Bisping. St-Pierre suffered an injury pushing back his return, and the fight against Bisping was subsequently canceled. UFC president Dana White stated that St-Pierre would fight for the welterweight title instead, but those plans changed after UFC 214.

Luke RockholdWelterweight champion Tyron Woodley defeated top contender Demian Maia by unanimous decision, but failed to do it spectacularly. White criticized Woodley’s performance and announced that the St-Pierre and Bisping fight was back on.

Former middleweight champion Luke Rockhold isn’t confident that the fight won’t be declared off again. He questioned whether St-Pierre will actually be ready to fight on the November date.

“We’ll see what happens. Nothing is official until it’s official,” Rockhold said while appearing on The MMA Hour. “Who knows at this point? Georges has been out a long time. There will be a fight in November; we just don’t know who. You never know if it’s Georges.”

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Rockhold questioned St-Pierre’s willingness to return to fighting and his physical ability to come back. He wouldn’t be surprised if St-Pierre pulls out of the fight.

“Who knows if Georges is going to make a fight at his stage in the game with all the things he’s been through? You can’t expect that he’s going to show up at that date,” said Rockhold. “His body might fail. His mind might fail. There’s a lot of things in question with Georges.”

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