Luke Harris Used Nine-Month Layoff to Shore Up His Game, Returns at MFC 37

Luke Harris MFCIt’s been a few years since MFC middleweight contender Luke Harris has had a layoff as long as his current one.

Nearly nine months after he last fought, Harris is finally ready to return to fighting, and he couldn’t be happier.

“I’ve definitely missed it,” he said. “I love fighting. That’s why I do it. Fighting at home in Edmonton, we have great fans here and fighting in the MFC and getting all this exposure is great too.”

During his time off, Harris may have been away from competing, but has been busy running his gym and working on improving his game.

“I run the Hayabusa Training Center in St. Alberta, Canada, so I’ve been pretty busy doing that and doing jiu-jitsu tournaments, training myself and my guys full-time,” he said.

“My background is grappling, so I’ve been working my striking every day and continuously trying to improve. Definitely I expect to be a better fighter in this next fight.”

Harris returns Friday at MFC 37 in Edmonton against a fighter he was originally supposed to meet earlier this year, Jason Zentgraf.

“I actually was scheduled to fight Jason on the last show, but I had an injury so I had to pull out of the fight,” said Harris.

“Most of his wins are by submission, so that plays nicely into my game because all of my wins are by submission. I think it’s a great match-up for me and definitely going to be Fight of the Night.”

Being a black belt in Judo and Jiu-Jitsu, Harris may be more comfortable on the ground, but he told that he can handle the fight standing if need be.

“I definitely have the athleticism and power to strike as well,” he said. “This fight could go anywhere and I’m ready for it.”

Coming off a loss in his last fight this past August to Joseph Henle, Harris was asked if he feels he has something to prove this time around if it will affect the way he approaches this fight.

“My game doesn’t really change that much. I’m always going to go for the finish,” he said. “All of my fights have ended in the first round and luckily I’m 9-2, so it’s worked for me so far.

“I’m always going to be aggressive and go for the finish and that’s never going to change.”

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