Luis Saldana More Than Willing to Keep It Standing Against Carl Wittstock at LFA 60

February 15, 2019

Coming off a stretch where he lost five of eight fights, featherweight Luis Saldana was able to get things back on track in 2018 with back to back wins.

When it comes to what helped him rebound, Saldana credits a change in team and work he did with fighters more his size as a big part of his success.

“I was already in Arizona at Power MMA training before, so I just kind of switched over (to the MMA Lab),” Saldana told

“The guys (at Power) were just too big; they’re heavier guys like (Ryan) Bader; so we heard about the Lab who had the smaller guys, so I ended up going there and it worked out great.”

Not only has Saldana’s physical skills grown, but he’s been able to mature a bit and develop his mental attitude towards fighting.

“I’ve grown a lot with more experience,” said Saldana. “I’m more comfortable in there when I’m there fighting. A lot of that is just training, being consistent, and I’ve grown. My team has helped me too and has been a big part of it.”

At LFA 60 this Friday in Des Moines, Iowa, Saldana (12-6) will look to extend his winning streak when he faces Carl Wittstock (10-4) in a main card 145-pound bout.

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“From what I’ve seen he’s kind of like a wild brawler, and that’s perfect for me if he wants to keep it standing,” Saldana said of facing Wittstock. “I’ll go in there, stay focused, and I think there will be a lot of openings for me to take him apart and make it an exciting fight – a stand-up fight.

“I think I’m over the pressure (I faced) from the last two RFA fights. I think I’ll be able to go in there and let go a little bit more.”

For Saldana consistency is the key; he knows that if he can keep his winning ways going that an opportunity to get a shot perhaps in Dana White’s Contender Series or as a late replacement in a UFC bout could available to him in 2019.

“I would like to get up to a four or five-fight winning streak,” said Saldana. “This will be three. I just plan one fight at a time, staying focused, and it will work out.

“I’m just staying ready, so if anything like that comes up I’ll be good to go. That’s why I set those goals to get that winning streak going. If I stay busy it will help keep that motivation going.”