Press Release
Ludwig is an easygoing and well-liked boy-next-door type. He is also one of the hardest punchers in K-1 Max. “Well, win lose or draw I want to have a good fight,” said Ludwig, who turned 28 earlier this week. “I’m sure it will be a good fight!”

“I’m not looking past Fernando, but I have never lost the desire to win the World MAX in Japan. This fight will be the first step towards that goal.”

“I had a lot of great help for this fight so Saturday should be a good night for me. I also want to thank my two newest sponsors Mastiff Home Loans and UltimateVipClub.com. They stepped up financially to help in my training camp for this fight, and I really appreciate there help.”

A limited number of tickets for tomorrow’s “Battle At Bellagio” card are still available for purchase at the Bellagio box office (888-488-7111). Tickets are priced at $300, $200, $100 and $50 The Grand Ballroom at Bellagio will open for the event at 5 PM. The first preliminary bout will begin at 5:30 PM and the tournament will commence at approximately 7 PM.